1)   Students after completing the course shall have to submit undertaking for getting his final certificate and grade sheet within one year of completing the course by 30th June / 31st Dec  of the following year for the final exam passed in June/Dec respectively. Late fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged, if documents are collected in the 2nd year after completing the course and additional Rs. 250/- per year will be charged from third year onward. Students who have completed the course upto June 2015, late fee will be counted from 1st Jul 2016 onward.

2)  Student should see the latest date sheet and list of Centres where exam will be conducted before filling the examination form for a particular session. W.E.F. Dec 2016 exam a student shall have to opt his/her registered Centre only as his/her exam Centre and in case registered Centre is not alive for exam then nearest available Centre shall have to opted/allotted. Further

W.E.F. Dec 2016 only online exam form will be accepted. Date sheet and revised list of Centres is uploaded on website before the start of examination process for every exam cycle. Exam will not be held at Centres where student x subject registered is less than 60 for a particular exam cycle, even if it is listed in the list. Students are advised to fill alternate exam Centre also in the exam form.


3)  Students shall have to register for Lab/Viva/Seminar/Project at Centres where they will be writing their theory exams since a student must appear theory and practical exam from one centre only. However, if the Centre is cancelled due to less number of students registered, as mentioned in Para-1 above, the practical exams can be conducted at these Centres for the registered students.


4)   Students shall have to pay practical exam fee at Centre only after confirming their eligibility to appear in practical exam, but shall have to fill practical subjects in the exam form along with theory exam. They will be allowed to appear in practical exams only if their subject appear in the admit card.


5)    Students shall have to use IETE lab manuals that can be bought from the Centre for writing the practical procedures and produce it to the examiner on the day of practical exam. The examiner shall endorse lab manual serial number on the practical award sheet.


6)   Students must check their eligibility as per the scheme applicable to them before applying for any theory/practical subject. It is to be noted that appearance/clearance of subjects upto the previous exam are only counted while checking the eligibility; e.g. to check the eligibility to appear in Dec 16 exam, subjects appeared/cleared upto June 16 exam will be counted. Eligibility schemes for Current (June 2009 onward) and New (June 2014 onward) schemes are available on IETE website Eligibility to appear in Lab/Seminar/Project for New Scheme ( 2014 onward) has been simplified w.e.f. June 2017 exam.     ………………….Revised


7)    Students must refer their respective prospectus as per their applicable scheme and fill subjects accordingly. Subject codes of current scheme have two numeric digits whereas new scheme subjects have three numeric digits.


8)   Relaxation in Compulsory doing additional experiments introduced in revised syllabus : Students can be asked to perform any 15 experiments out of the list given in syllabus.

9)    Rules for extension of membership have been revised. Students can now extend their membership for one, two, three years by paying reduced amount of fee as per rules given below:

a)         For one year extension               – 1/5th of total fee + Rs. 500 processing fee


b)         For two year extension                – 2/5th of total fee + Rs. 500 processing fee


c)         For three year extension             – 3/5th of total fee + Rs. 500 processing fee


d)         Beyond three year extension – Full fee


10)    Date to apply for Improvement/Undertaking and collection of Final Degree/Diploma Certificate/Grade Sheet is given below:

a)          w.e.f. Dec 2014 exam students who want to apply for improvement after completion of course, shall have to do so within 15 days of declaration of the result in the prescribed application available on website. Application for improvement submitted later than the stipulated date will be rejected.

b)            Students can collect their provisional degree/diploma certificate/grade sheet after 30 days of declaration of result or after 15 days of submission of undertaking along with fee, whichever is earlier.

c)          Student can apply for improvement in any exam and in any of the subject if he has not completed the course.

d)         No improvement is allowed in a subject for whom the scheme is over.


11)  Revised dates for exam form filling are given below:


a) Without late fee

-           upto 05th May/Nov


b) With late fee of Rs. 500/-

-           upto 10th May/Nov


c) With late fee of Rs. 1000/-

-           upto 15th May/Nov


d) With late fee of Rs. 1500/-

-           upto 20th May/Nov


e) With late fee of Rs. 2500/-

-           After 20th May/Nov



12)  Fee for any sort of correction in exam form, except for centre change, is given below. For change in centre on genuine grounds a correction fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged, irrespective of the date of applying for correction.      …….……Revised

a)         With fee of Rs. 500/                    - Up to 31st May/30th Nov

b)         With fee of Rs. 1000/                  - From 1st Jun/Dec to 10th Jun/Dec

c)       With fee of Rs. 1500/                  -           After 10th Jun/Dec                 …….……Revised


13)    w.e.f. Jun 2014 exam, semester grade sheets are being uploaded on website.


14)  No special exam will be conducted on the requests of students.


15)   Fee for Recounting, Viewing and Revaluation of Answer Script is Rs. 200/-, Rs. 500/- and Rs. 500/- per copy respectively. Students can apply on the prescribed format, available

on website, for Recounting, Viewing and Revaluation of Answer Script after the declaration of result and upto the date mentioned on result card for a particular exam.


16)  Undertaking fee for AMIETE has been revised to Rs. 4500/- (w.e.f. 1st Apr 2015)


17)    Student can get section/part wise grade sheet by paying fee of Rs. 500/- each and semester grade sheet by paying fee of Rs. 100/- each. Student can get Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Bonafide Certificate and Migration/Transfer Certificate by paying fee of Rs. 100/- each. Transcript fee has been revised from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 500/-per transcript.                                                                                    …….……Revised


18)   The mode of study for AMIETE and DipIETE courses is to be considered as “Blended Mode” which as per AICTE notification F.No.37-3/Legal/AICTE/2103 dated 27.06.13 is stated as below and matches exactly with the IETE AMIETE and DipIETE courses structure:


“Blended Learning Mode” means activities of delivering part of class room learning through ODL (open and distance learning) mode and laboratory practical and workshop etc through conventional regular mode where presence of students at the institute and giving examination is essential and are meant only for working professionals with certain minimum work experience.


19)   While applying for exemption, a student should apply for all the subjects against one qualification he has gained in single application only


20)   Current scheme (2010 onward) of AMIETE and DipIETE which was earlier valid upto Jun 2016 is now extended upto Dec 2018 examination.                                                      ……………..Revised


21)    A student has to appear viva and theory part of Communication Skill and Technical Writing in one session and at one Centre only. Result will be declared as fail if student do not appear in any of the part due to any reason. A student is declared pass in Communication Skill and Technical Writing if total marks obtained, adding viva and theory both, is ≥ 35.

However if any student who has already cleared in either oral or written exam of Communication Skills prior to JUNE 2014 examination, will have to appear for only the leftover one. The result will be declared only after combining both oral and written exam marks. This is applicable for both New/Current Syllabus.


22)   Old scheme which was earlier applicable upto Dec 2014 exam is now extended upto Jun 2017 exam, after which all students irrespective of the number of papers left will have to migrate to current scheme. No further extension will be granted. This is applicable for the students who are left with only 5 or less than five subjects to clear. The detailed scheme is available on our website


23)  Exemption policy has been revised w.e.f. June 2017 examination. As per revised policy, a student can be granted exemption in maximum four subjects only. Detailed revised exemption policy is uploaded on the website separately. …….……………………….New