IETE Celebrated its 65th Foundation Day


IETE Headquarters celebrated 65th Foundation Day at Delton Hall Auditorium on the theme ‘Robotics and Its Applications’ on 2nd November 2018. The Chief Guest, Shri S Gopalakrishnan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India inaugurated the function. Dr Ranjan Bose, Director, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi was the Guest of Honour. Prof (Dr) KTV Reddy, President, IETE chaired the function.


The theme chosen to commemorate this year’s Foundation Day was very relevant as it holds tremendous potential for benefiting every domain of human life. Although this benefit has been limited to very specialized environments at present such as factories, but technology has matured to integrate robotic technologies into the human environment for everyday use. The other dignitaries on the dais were: Prof Ashiv Shah, HoD TIFAC Core, Ajay Kumar Garg Engg College, Ghaziabad, Dr Sudipto Mukerjee, Dept of Mechanical Engg, IIT Delhi; Prof Vijayant Agarwal, NSUT, New Delhi.   


On the occasion, Prof M N Hoda, Chairman, Technical Programs and Publicity Committee welcomed the Chief Guest and VIPs on the dais and spoke about the achievements of the Institution. He quite nicely elucidated on compelling-significance of the theme in view of mind-blowing technical strides such as ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’ overwhelming present-day society. He pointed out the potential of “learning, unlearning and relearning” and  emphasized on allowing this philosophy to take root and shape. He said that people need to have a constant desire to learn and evolve. President IETE, Prof (Dr)K T V Reddy, in his address outlined the laudable aims and objectives of the institutions via its various activities. He informed the audience about efforts being made for reclaiming the recognition of the Institution back. 


Prof. Ashiv Shah sketched historical background of development in the area of Robotics, highlighting that window of new products development today has shrunk from years to days via mind-boggling advances in Deep Learning, AI, Augmented Reality. He said that we shall very soon encounter self-programming robots. He revealed that Robot density in India is only 3 for each 10000 workers, against the world-leader South Korea with corresponding figure of 631. He elucidated in detail multi-dimensional applications of robotics in areas like welding, machining, packaging, assembly, handling, surface coating, inspection and measuring, loading and unloading of machines etc. He mentioned about establishment of a Skills Foundation company at the College having technical-collaboration with 15 global leaders including Kuka & Siemens.


Chief Guest, Shri GopalaKrishnan S. emphasized that India needs to undertake re-skilling on a massive scale to reap the benefits of our demographic dividend so that our manufacturing becomes world-class and globally-competitive. He said that today, robotics has advanced to such an extent that recently even an impressive painting could be designed by a Robot. He cautioned that though the rapid progress of this technology cannot be stopped, but the need is to reflect on emerging social, legal and ethical issues arising out of deploying these algorithm-driven advances.



Dr Sudipto Mukherjee of IIT Delhi, elucidated on the current post graduate research at his department on the latest topic of “Tele-operation”, which uses a wearable device on arms to remotely manipulate robots’ movements in industrial environment. As many as 16 students and 12 faculty members from mechanical and other departments were feverishly engaged in this task. He explained that accuracy of movement was so fine that even hand-jitters had to be accounted for.


Dr Vijayant Agarwal, Professor from NSUT, New Delhi,  illustrated robotics applications via 7 interesting videos showing, robotic Medical-surgery that enables very precise movements impossible by a human, ICICI Bank Vault that redefines the concept of locker-security, Amazing robot named Nautilus that does deep ocean mining, Service Robots in hospitals, assistive robots, rehabilitation bed chair and so on.


Chief Guest Prof Ranjan Bose, Director, IIIT, New Delhi quite effectively summarized the entire thought process emanated from these deliberations. He emphasized that society must recognize that Change is inevitable.  He further said, that to meet this challenge,  we need to completely revise and update curricula not only at the University level but right from the school level, if we wish to leverage our intellectual strength for everybody’s benefit.  He was impressed that IIT students were engaged in designing robotic arms, virtually engaging in what he termed as getting their hands dirty, which he felt is necessary for creativity to flourish. He added that ultimately, we shall have robots with predictive capabilities that will immensely assist planners and administrators.


Secretary General Lt Col Dipankar Sen proposed vote of thanks and pointed out the need for deployment of robots by defense forces to minimize casualties in the battlefield.



Senior distinguished members of the Institution felicitated by the Chief Guest on this special day that include: Maj Gen D N Khurana, AVSM (Retd)(F041734);Shri Hari Charan Soni( F-082761); Shri Charanjit Lal Bedi (F-084581) and Col J S Dhillon (F-002838).   


Students from Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi, presented a colorful cultural show which was applauded by everyone. The energy and passion of the students was visible in the performances that they put up. Every corner of the hall vibrated with enthusiasm.


 The Appendix includes details of the presentations given by the invited speakers.


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