•   Overall policy planning and conduct of activities of IETE at national and international level.

•   All aspects of financial operations including provision of funds for the acquisition of premises at different locations.

•   Consideration of recommendations of Committees and Boards involving policy decision and /or finances.

•   Code of ethics.

•   Amendment to Byelaws.

•   Staff Matters.



•        Consideration of Membership applications and Initiatives for growth of ISF, Organizational and Corporate Membership.

•        Target based planning and implementation to increase the corporate and organizational members.

•        Strategy and implementation to convert Final year ISF members to convert to corporate members.

•        Membership Subscription and fee structure.

•        Ethics related issues of all types of Members

•        Monitoring the distribution of ISF Contributions from IETE to the ISF & Centers.

•        Monitoring and increasing the ISF members in the existing Institutes and encouraging to become Associate members immediately after passing out. 

•        Recommending the Center to conduct ISF Congress along with the Zonal Seminars to TPPC.



·               All the aspects of conduct of examination for ALCCS, AMIETE and DipIETE in Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer Science and Engineering & IT streams.

·               Addition or deletion of an Examination Center.

·               All matters related to printing of answer books and timely dispatch to Centers.

·               Setting and Processing of question papers, their moderation, proof reading printing and timely dispatch of question papers to all examination Centers.

·               Preparation and printing of Solutions to Question papers.

·               Compilation, Moderation and declaration of results. Analysis of Center-wise and Subject wise examination results and recommend ways and means to improve the results.

·               Policy decision with respect to all examination oriented activities e.g. approval of projects/Seminars etc.

·               To Organize Annual Convocation in association with Academic Committee.

·               To Conduct Online Examinations of other Organizations as per agreement with them.

·               Student enrollment for DipIETE/AMIETE/ALCCS. Interaction with students at HQ/Centers regarding their problems and necessary action/ recommendations with respect to courses.

·               To act as a single window agency for all matters related to students and to act as a link between students and various sections of the HQ.

·               Addressing all queries of students and redressal of their problems.

·               Recommend actions required for the betterment of the student community from issues identified through interaction, feedback and other inputs.

·               Close Interaction with Academic sections for award of Means-cum-merit Scholarship. All matters including policy formation for any scholarship scheme to Students.

·               Preparation and Introduction of material for e-Education along with Academic Committee.

·               To pursue requests to Govt/Pvt Universities/ Organisations for recognizing IETE courses for higher education and placement purposes.



•      To conduct various workshops/ trainings as per MoUs signed and also by centers on their own.

•      To conduct the training of defense Personnel on appropriate courses sponsored by the Directorate General of Re-settlement of Defense.

•      Training on appropriate job roles under various programmes of NSDC.

•      To accredit suitable institutions engaged in skill development.

•      Collaboration with NIELIT for conducting programs.

•      Preparation of position paper relating to the electronics, telecommunication and IT Industry.

•      Planning, Organizing & Interaction with Industry, laboratories, Commercial Organizations, Manufacturing Associations and allied bodies with a view to assist in the formulation of  policies.

•      Consultancy service to small-scale Industry after identifying areas of expertise.

•      Creation of expert base directory   for   industry.

•      Publicizing activities of the Institution for attracting organizational members.

•      Close Interaction with Board of Research Innovation & Standards (BoRIS) & Technical Programs & Publicity Committee (TPPC).










•      To suggest, encourage and support Centers/Sub-Centers to conduct Technical events, exhibitions.

•      Action Plan for the Centers for revenue  generations in developing activities like Student R&D  projects, Workshops, Special Seminars, Training, Short Term Program, SDPs, Orientation, Certificate Programs and STTP  etc on the latest Technologies.

•      Consideration of short term & vocational courses at IETE HQ and Centers/Sub Centers.

•      To cooperate with sister professional societies to organize joint professional events.

•      To pursue request to Govt/PSUs/Private Organisation regarding the support of grant in aid for above professional activities.

•      Close interaction with IETE HQ & Centers/Sub Centers to establish a proper plan for above mentioned Professional Activities.

•      Monitoring revenue generation by conducting professional activities and sharing the same with other Centers for reference and encouragement.

•      Any new ideas can be explored for generating of revenue.



•   To create a vibrant technology environment through planning, supporting, encouraging, approving and organizing various National and International Seminars/ Conferences, Workshops, Tutorials, Exhibitions in the areas of technologically & socially relevant cutting edge areas.

•   To plan and organize Annual  IETE Convention  and Mid Term Symposium (MTS) including theme & location.      

•   To plan and coordinate with Zonal Mentors & Centers to conduct Zonal seminars and ISF Congress in all the zones.

·         To organize following Annual Memorial Lectures at IETE HQ & Centres–World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, IETE Foundation Day, Sir C V Raman Memorial Lecture & Sir J C Bose Memorial Lecture, IETE Student day etc.

·         Organise National Technical Paper Contest (NTPC) annually.

·         To Conduct Apex Forums in association with SD&ICC.

·         To suggest, encourage and support ISFs to conduct Technical Programs.

•      To bring out Proceedings, Souvenirs of the Annual IETE Convention, MTS and other Seminars and also to coordinate with other committees to explore possibilities of some select papers from above IETE Technical Events to be published in any of the IETE Publications – Journals / on-line journals / special issues.

•      To explore all possible avenues to increase IETE visibility.

•      To have close interaction with media to enhance the visibility of IETE and help in achieving some of the IETE objectives.

•      To provide publicity to large number of IETE social, academic and technical activities.

•      Publicity of all technical events to be published in websites of centers as well as HQ. It should also be published in Newsletters and other print media 

•      To explore possibility to use social media platforms and all other forms of media and platforms to give IETE wide publicity in the appropriate forums.

•      To actively participate, represent IETE, in large number of technology events, forums, and advisory committees etc to make IETE visible. To establish contacts with industry bodies like CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM etc to give visibility of IETE to industry, to use ISF to increase IETE visibility in academic world and to initiate interaction with standards & regulatory bodies to provide opinions and suggestions.

•      To seek sponsorship for various technical events for both HQ & Center technical events.

•      Publicity of Membership development through leaflets/Posters.



•   All aspects of publications of the IETE Journal of  Research, Technical Review and Journal of Education (Students Journal) and IETE Newsletter.

•      Planning and organizing joint technical publications with other Professional Institutions e g IEEE.

•   Reproduction of articles appearing in other publications.

•   Selection of editorial boards and honorary editors for special issues of IETE Journal of Research and IETE Technical Review.

•   To ensure smooth functioning of on-line submission and Review system.

·         To apply for ISSN and bring out separate Students journal and proceedings of Conference best articles proceedings.

·         To establish IETE digital library for all journals/ conference proceedings

·         To interact with Springer/Scoopers/Elsevier/our own publishers for Scholars Index.

·         To approach Govt Ministries for grants to financially support IETE Publications.


·      Periodic/Annual review of status of Centers/Sub Centers/Professional Activity Centers (PAC)

·      All matters concerning functioning and growth of Centers, Sub-Centers , PACs

·      All matters related to elections for EC of the Centers/Sub-Centers.

·      Periodic review of the rules/ regulations as applicable to functioning of  Centers/Sub-Centers/PACs.

·      All matters connected with creation, up-gradation and utilization of Infrastructures at the Centers.

·      Establishing Centers/Sub-Centers at University Campuses without grants.

·      Upgradation, Opening and Closure of Centers, Sub-Centers & PACs.

·      Revision of grants to Centers and /or framing rules for the same.

·      Consideration of the application from the Centers for grants and loans and recommendations thereof to the Governing Council.

·      Periodic assessment, mentoring and monitoring of the performance of Centers.

·      All matters related to geographical jurisdiction of Centers and Sub-Centers.




•      The role of WEEC is to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines.

•      WEEC  envisions a vibrant community of IETE women using their diverse talents to Innovate for the  benefit  of  the community.

•      Recognize women’s outstanding achievements in electrical and electronics, Computer and Information Technology through IETE Awards nominations.

•      Organize meetings at major technical conferences to enhance networking and to promote Membership in  WEEC.

•      Advocate women in leadership & governance roles in technical fields and career advancement for women in the profession.

•      Facilitate the development of programs and activities that promote the entry into and retention of women in engineering Programs.

•      To mentor young girls in high schools.

•      Senior Women Members to be approached to give their success story which can be included in IETE Newsletter.




•   Policy regarding award of ALCCS/AMIETE/DipIETE and certificates in new areas.

•    Processing case for university status.

•   All matters including policy and procedures on accreditation.

•   Accreditation of the IETE Centers for NIELIT/NSQF other approved courses.

•   Revision and review of syllabi on periodic basis to keep the curriculum updated and adding new industry relevant subjects.

•   Close interaction with BoE & Student Affairs and Skill Development & Indusrial Coordination Committee for providing data and other inputs.

•   Identification and preparation of virtual lab at all  IETE Centers/ upgrading of existing laboratories etc to meet  AICTE standards.

•  Conduct of Convocation in association with BoESA.

•  Identification and preparation of printed Study Material including liaison with publishers and recommendation for suitable text books.

•  Material and presentations for regulator in tune with AICTE/ MHRD  

  requirements in consultation with BoESA.




•    Policy regarding establishment of a research center, creation of

    Research seats.

•      Liaison with the ministries, government departments and industrial

        House for establishments of research seats and creation of corpus.

•      To act as think tank of IETE to look in to the future for generation of innovative ideas with a view to achieve increased visibility of IETE and new initiatives for partnership with Industry, Academia and Government

•      Participation in formation of Standards for Electronics and Telecommunications equipment and Services.

•      Selection of scholars for undertaking research. Publication of research projects and papers.

•      Close Interaction with SD&ICC.




•      All matters concerning conferment of IETE awards, selection of


•      Close Interaction with CAC in matters connected with the award of Annual Best Center/Sub-Center.

•      Close Interaction with TPPC in matters connected with the award of NTPC.

•    Institutionalize fresh awards and review of existing awards.



•      To find out the ground realities, activities and new ideas implemented by any Center and spread the same to all other Centers.

•      Discuss and resolve any issues in association with CAC.

•      Effective implementation of IETE HQ policies at centers.

•      All reports like Quarterly, Annual etc are to be routed through Zonal Mentors.

•      Encouraging, promoting to increase the ISF, Organizational and Corporate membership.

•      Continued efforts should be made for updating the Members email and mobile nos and same is made available at all Centers.

•      Revenue generation by Centers by means of activities.

•      Effective implementation of HQ policies

•      Working towards IETE visibility.




•   To analyse the global trend of ICT technologies in an objective manner, taking into account all related techno-economic aspects and to recommend to the Govt. and relevant regulatory bodies the appropriate new technologies and goals of nation.

•    To analyse the national regulatory scenario with reference to introduction and proper growth of new technologies and services, taking  into  account the  best  international practices and to recommend  to the Govt. and relevant  regulatory bodies appropriate & necessary additions/ modifications, if any.

•   Offer comments on various policies by the government and consultation papers issued by the government or by TRAI etc from time  to time. External experts to be invited for discussion on an Identified Issue.

•   Keeping a watch on the quality of various Telecom Management and IT service provide by the Service providers and to take up with the appropriate authorities to ensure the adequate quality of service our all in the best interest of users.

•   Provide consultancy to the Industry on Electronics, Telecom Management and IT.

•   Take up any Projects/ studies on behalf of the government, TRAI etc concerning Telecom Management and IT as a social responsibility.

•   Any other Technology and Regulatory related Issues.

•   To do the scope of study regarding the impact of radiations, call drops, congestions through Cellular towers in the country. For this, IETE can train their existing students also.




·         Zonal Mentor shall be a facilitator & act as a responsible guide to the Centers.

·         Shall provide an active & effective communication link for maintaining smooth flow of information between Centers and hq.

·         To recommend the AIC, MTS, ZSs and NTPC to TPPC

·         To guide & assist the Centers in setting up of new facilities as and when required as well as planning of all the activities of the Centers.

·         To keep a close & continuous monitoring of all activities of the Centers.

·         To be responsible of effective & productive functioning of the Centers as per the guidelines & instructions laid down in sop and various decisions taken by the Governing Council from time to time.

·         To be responsible of ensuring skill development/training/guidance classes & practical training for students and professional/technical programs and proper conduct of examinations as per the planned schedules in their respective zones.