Reshaping Workforce through Automation & Robotics


Automation technology is moving into the workplace with unstoppable momentum. As bots and robots take on more kinds of tasks, will they eliminate jobs? Or will they instead generate opportunity for workers to leverage their own strengths and manage their tireless mechanical colleagues? This topic was explained in detail by Prof Ashiv Shah drawing comparison between the old and new ecosystem.

In today’s workforce a factory line worker, a university professor, and a customer service rep are guaranteed to have one thing in common: a job that will be transformed by the presence of robots and AI in the coming decade. Will that worker be able to change along with it?

Depending on who you talk to, the advent and rapid growth of AI and robots in business will render much of the human workforce obsolete…or usher in millions of new jobs and a new era of meaningful employment, with robots taking on what one executive from a leading robotics maker described as the “dull, dangerous, dirty, and delicate” jobs. He brought about the forth industrial revolution.

He emphasized his deep belief that robots won’t take our jobs, but they’ll transform them. He shared these thoughts on a AI based smart manufacturing. He hoped that over the next few years we see a lot more use cases where it’s man plus machine, instead of man versus machine. He also explained  in detail as to how AI and robots will reshape the workplace and increasing the efficiency of industrial output.


 He concluded by highlighting that AI and robotics in the workforce will play a transformational role in gearing up of the industry.