Status of Action points of 12 Apr 2014 meeting with IETE Students

1)   Appropriate letters seeking recognition of the DIPIETE/AMIETE/ALCCS have been written to State Govts (30 States and Union Territories), Universities and NITs. States whose recognition is valid have been requested to circulate their recognition letter to all the concerned departments.


2)   Concerned PSUs of Central Government, have been sent letters for the recognition of the DIPIETE/AMIETE. Letters sent to the PSUs, separately, which have been recognizing IETE courses requesting for continuance.


3)   All the recognition letters received so far in the past have been uploaded on the websites.


4)   Appropriate Letters with needed attachments (recognition given by the  Hon’ble UP Governor) have been written to concerned authorities regarding the case of Shri Ranjit Singh and Shri Hukum Singh.


5)   Suitable letters have been written to Nepal Government requesting to keep the recognition of AMIETE accorded earlier in continuance and for recognition of DIPIETE.


6)   Concerned Centre Chairpersons in UP & Nepal have been requested to personally follow the cases.


7)   Action is taken to have an HR Consultant for student related issues.