Membership Committee (MC) 2023-24

Col M K Pande (Retd) Chairman
Shri R S Chauhan Co-Chairman
Prof (Col) S L Kapoor(Retd) Member
Dr K Jaya Sankar Member
Prof (Dr) R R Deshmukh Member
Shri Sunil Member
Prof S M Gulhane Member
Shri Gurmukh Singh Member
Dr R D Kharadkar Member
Prof Nuli Namassivaya Member
Dr D K Lobiyal Co-opted Member
Prof Baswaraj Gadgay Co-opted Member
The Vice Presidents and Hony Treasurer will be Ex-Officio participants in the Committee meetings.

IETE Coordinator: Shri Chetan Anand, (M) 9810426290

Role of the Membership Committee (MC)

•  Consideration of Membership applications and Initiatives for growth Corporate Membership.
•  Target based planning and implementation to increase the Corporate members.
•  Yearly Best Center, Sub center & PACs First & Second awards recommendation
•  Membership Subscription and fee structure.
•  Ethics related issues of all types of Members.