Publications Committee (PUBs) 2022-23

Dr K Jaya Sankar 9440162196 Chairman
Prof Baswaraj Gadgay 9448754546 Co-Chairman
Shri Sunil 9868230260 Member
Dr D S Bormane 9850282286 Member
Prof (Dr) A K Saini 9811165001, Member
Prof (Dr) Joyanta Kumar Roy    9331029638, 8777379695,    Member
Dr Dabashis De     9830363215 Member
Prof K N Sahu    9866512654    Co-opted Member

IETE Coordinator: Mrs Sandeep Kaur Mangat, (M) 9810688698

Role of the Publications Committee (PUBs)

• All aspects of publications of the IETE Journal of Research, Technical Review and Journal of Education (Students Journal) and IETE Newsletter.
• Planning and Organizing joint technical publications with other Professional Institutions e.g. IEEE.
• Reproduction of articles appearing in other publications.
• Selection of Editorial Boards and Honorary Editors for special issues of IETE Journal of Research and IETE Technical Review.
• To ensure smooth functioning of on-line submission and review system.
• To apply for ISSN and bring out separate Students journal and proceedings of Conference best articles proceedings.
• To establish IETE digital library for all journals/ conference proceedings.
• To interact with Springer/Scoopers/Elsevier/our own publishers for Scholars Index.
• To approach Govt Ministries for grants to financially support IETE Publications.