Dr D S Bormane 9850282286    Chairman
Dr K Jaya Sankar 9440162196    Co-Chairman
Shri Sunil, ADG Doordarshan 9868230260    Member
Shri R S Chauhan 9013308142    Member
Prof (Dr) A P Thakare 9422156484    Member
Dr C P Dwivedi 9483009259    Member
Dr I Venkata Subba Reddy   9618177690    Coopted Member
Dr Sutaone Mukul Sharad 9923560608,    Coopted Member

IETE Coordinator: Shri Bharat Bhushan, (M) 9818054406


•  To create a vibrant technology environment through planning, supporting, encouraging, approving and organizing various National and International Seminars/ Conferences, Workshops, Tutorials, Exhibitions in the areas of technologically & socially relevant cutting edge areas.
•  To plan and organize Annual IETE Convention and Mid Term Symposium (MTS) including theme & location.
•  To plan and coordinate with Zonal Mentors & Centres to conduct Zonal Seminars and ISF Congress in all the Zones.
•  To organize following Annual Memorial Lectures at IETE HQ and Centres:-
    World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
    IETE Foundation Day
    Sir C V Raman Memorial Lecture
    Sir J C Bose Memorial Lecture
    IETE Student day.
•  Organise National Technical Paper Contest (NTPC) annually.
•  To conduct Apex Forums in association with SDICC.
•  To suggest, encourage and support ISFs to conduct Technical Programs.
•  To bring out Proceedings, Souvenirs of the Annual IETE Convention, MTS and other Seminars and also to coordinate with other committees to explore possibilities of some select papers from above IETE Technical Events to be published in any of the IETE Publications – Journals / On-Line Journals / Special Issues.
•  To explore all possible avenues to increase IETE visibility.
•  To have close interaction with media to enhance the visibility of IETE and help in achieving some of the IETE objectives.
•  To provide publicity to large number of IETE social, academic and technical activities.
•  Publicity of all technical events to be publisized in websites of Centres as well as HQ and via Newsletters and other print media.
•  To explore possibility to use social media platforms and all other forms of media and platforms to give IETE wide publicity in the appropriate forums.
•  To actively participate, represent IETE, in large number of technological events, forums, and advisory committees etc to make IETE visible. To establish contacts with industry bodies like CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM etc to give visibility of IETE to industry, to use ISF to increase IETE visibility in academic world and to initiate interaction with standards & regulatory bodies to provide opinions and suggestions.
•  To seek sponsorship for various technical events for both HQ & Centre technical events.
•  Publicity of Membership development through leaflets/Posters.