Important Information for Students

1) Cancellation of Centres

Jabalpur, Mysore, Mhow and Ranchi centres are cancelled for the exam purpose from June 2015 exam onwards. Revised list of centres for Jun 2015 exam will be uploaded on website.

2) Conduct of Lab/Viva/Seminar/Project exam at Centres which are cancelled

With effect from June 2015 exam onwards, Lab/Viva/Seminar/Project exam at Centres which are cancelled will not be held. Students shall have to register for Lab/Viva/Seminar/Project at Centres where they will be writing their theory exams.

3) Conduct of ALCCS exams

a) Next ALCCS exam will be held between 15 to 22 June 2015 and thereafter these exams will be held between 15 to 22 June/Dec every year along with AMIETE and DipIETE examinations

b) ALCCS students shall have to fill exam form online/physical as per the dates mentioned on web site along with AMIETE/DIPIETE and send the exam form directly to IETE HQ.

4) Relaxation in Compulsory doing additional experiments introduced in revised syllabus

Students can be asked to perform any 15 experiments out of the list given in syllabus.      

 5)  Revised rules for extension of membership

Students can now extend their membership for one, two, three years by paying reduced amount of fee as per rules given below:

a)      For one year extension   – 1/5th of total fee + Rs. 500 processing fee

b)     For two year extension   – 2/5th of total fee + Rs. 500 processing fee

c)  For three year extension  – 3/5th of total fee + Rs. 500 processing fee

d)     Beyond three year extension – Full fee

6) Fixing date to apply for Improvement/Undertaking and collection of Final Degree/Diploma Certificate/Grade Sheet.

a) With effect from Dec 2014 exam students shall have to apply for improvement after completion of course, if any, within 15 days of declaration of the result in the prescribed application available on website. Application for improvement submitted later than the stipulated date will be rejected.

b) Students can collect their final degree/diploma certificate/grade sheet after 30 days of declaration of result or after 15 days of submission of undertaking along with fee, whichever is earlier.

7) Revision of Correction fee in exam form

With effect from June 2015 exam following correction fee in exam form will be applicable:

a)      Correction fee upto 31st May/30th Nov                       - Rs. 500/-

b)      Correction fee from 1st Jun/Dec to 10th Jun/Dec        - Rs. 1000/-

c)      No correction shall be accepted after 10th Jun/Dec.

8) Uploading semester Grade sheet on Website

Semester grade sheets are being uploaded on website w.e.f. Jun 2014 exam.

9) Conduct of Special Exam

No special exam will be conducted on the requests of students

10) Answer script viewing Fee has been increased from Rs 200 to Rs 500 from June 2015 Exams onwards.

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