Q 1. What is the Eligibility condition for enrolling AMIETE?

Ans: - A student applying for AMIETE should have passed 10+2 exam with PCM or should have done Diploma in Engineering including DipIETE and should not be less than 16 years age and must have practical work/training experience.

Q 2. What is the Eligibility criteria for enrolling DipIETE?

Ans:- A student apply for DipIETE should have passed 10th exam with Science & Maths and should not be less than 14 years age.

Q 3. What is the procedure of collecting the Enrolment form?

Ans: - Enrolment form is contained in the prospectus available on our website at academic link. The prospectus can also be downloaded from IETE websites. However students are required to send DD of Rs 250/- along with the application form which is downloaded from the web.

Q 4. What is the admission procedure for enrolling in AMIETE/DipIETE?

Ans:- Student membership form is to be filled and sent to IETE HQ along with a draft of Rs. 6000/- towards enrolment fee (in favour of Secretary General, IETE payble at New Delhi) along with requisite documents to IETE HQ. Students are also required to include fee of Rs 250/- along with the application form which is downloadable from the web.

Q 5. What are the documents to be submitted with enrolment form?

Ans:- Every application for enrolment must be attached with attested copies of the following documents:-

(a) Matriculation certificate.
(b) Certificates of Education.
(c) Certificate of experience.
(d) Bank Draft for Rs 6250/-.
(e) Two passport size photographs .

Q 6. What are the last dates for enrolment?

Ans:- The enrolment is open through out the year but to be eligible to appear in the following examinations, dates as under will be adhered to

Ø June examination : 28/29 February
Ø December examination : 31 August

Q 7. Once enrolled, upto what time the enrollment is valid?

Ans: - The enrollment is valid for five years. Date of expiry of enrolment is mentioned on the Identity card.

Q 8. What is the procedure of applying for student’s membership renewal?

Ans: A student has to submit a DD of Rs.6000/-(after Due Date) or Rs.5000/-(Before due Date) along with an application on a plain paper and a latest photograph.

Q 9. What is the procedure of applying for stream change?

Ans:- Change of stream is permitted on a payment of Rs.600/- along with a declaration form, original copy of the ID-Card and a latest photograph any time during the student membership. However, only those subjects which have equivalency in the both stream will be counted in the new stream opted by the student.

Q 10. What is the procedure of applying for Duplicate Membership I card?

Ans: For duplicate Membership Identity card, a student has to send a draft of Rs 500 /- along with the latest photograph and an affidavit with an application on a plain paper. For replacement, student has to send a draft of Rs. 200 /- along with the latest photograph and the original membership ID card.


Q 11. What is the procedure for collecting the Exam Application Form?

Ans: - The examination form is initially given free of cost Grade sheet of the examination to the students who has appeared in that examination. The examination application form can also be obtained by the student from the nearest IETE centre or directly from IETE HQ on payment of Rs.20/-(add postal charge of Rs.25/- if required by post).

Q 12. What is the procedure of Change the Examination Centre?

Ans:- After submission of exam form, change of examination centre may be allowed on payment of requisite fee of Rs.500/- through DD(in favour of Secretary General IETE, payble at New Delhi) or cash at IETE HQ. The request for the change of centre should reach IETE HQs before 20th May/20th November.

Q 13. What is the procedure of alteration in the exam Application Form?

Ans:- For any amendment/alteration in the examination form after submission, an amount of Rs.500/- will be charged, provided the request is received by the IETE HQs by 20th May/20th November.

Q 14. What is the procedure of collecting the Admit card?

Ans: - Admit Cards are sent to all the eligible candidates. Admit cards are also available on web which can be downloaded and printed. Students are allowed to appear for the examination with downloaded Admit cards along with their Identity cards.

Q 15. What is the procedure for appearing Lab practice examination / project/ Seminar/ Oral Test of Communication skills & Technical Writing?

Ans: - The eligible students are required to submit their application along with the requisite fee to the centre from where the student has appeared for the theory examination by date.

Q 16. What is the procedure of applying for duplicate semester grade-sheet?

Ans: - For duplicate semester grade-sheet, a student has to sent a draft of Rs 100/-(per semester) along with an application on a plain paper.

Q 17. What is the procedure for applying the exemption?

Ans: - The exemptions are given only for the qualifications already completed/possessed by the students. The students are required to apply for the exemptions if the syllabus of the subject completed by them matches with the IETE syllabus. The processing time for grant of exemption may take about 3 months from date of receipt.
Following documents are required for seeking exemptions.

(a) Application form for exemption.
(b) Certificate of the course/curriculum completed by the students.
(c) Syllabus duly attested by the institution/university.
(d) Mark sheets of all semesters, duly attested.
(e) Fee @Rs.800/- per subject for AMIETE and Rs.700/- for DipIETE.

Q 18. What is the procedure of applying for Final Mark-sheet and Provisional/ Final Certificate?

Ans: - Students who have fully cleared all the papers and do not wish to appear for any improvement must send an undertaking that they do not wish to appear for improvement and would like to get their Final Marksheet and Provisional / Final Certificate. They are also requested to pay their Fee (Rs 3800 /- for AMIETE students & Rs 5800/- for DIPIETE students)

Q 19. What is the procedure for collecting Bonafide/Migration/Character/transcript Certificate?

Ans: - For collecting the above mention certificates a student has to sent a draft of Rs 100/- along with format available on our website.

Q 20. What is the procedure for requesting recounting of Marks?

Ans: - Recounting of marks, if requested, can be got done by paying Rs.200/-through DD per subject. Requests for recounting of marks must be received within 30 days from the date of announcement of results on a separate application on a plain paper. There is no provision for re-evaluation.

Q 21. What is the procedure for change of address?

Ans: - Candidates are advised to intimate their change of address to IETE HQ immediately, quoting their Membership Number, old address, complete new address with pin code through an application on a plain paper. The contact no (tele as well as mobile) and e-mail id should also be given.

Q 22. What is the procedure of applying for duplicate final Grade-sheet and final certificate?

Ans:- A student is required to submit an application along with a DD of Rs. 500/- each for grade-sheet and certificate and an affidavit (on stamp paper of Rs.10/-) for collecting the duplicate final Grade sheet and final certificate along with FIR.


Q 23. What is the procedure to shift the syllabi from old to new one?

Ans:- Just fill up the exam form with new subject codes.

Q 24. From which examination onwards New Syllabi starts?

Ans:- New Syllabus will be implemented w.e.f June 2014 exam.

Q 25. Upto which Examination old syllabi continue?

Ans:- The Current syllabus of AMIETE will be continued for next 4 years and that for DipIETE for next 3 years i.e. last exam of AMIETE will be held in June 2017; Similarly, the Current Syllabus for DipIETE will be continued upto June 2016 exam.

Q 26. Will there be separate question papers for new and old syllabi?

Ans:- Yes. There will be separate Question papers for old as well as new syllabi till current syllabus continued. Thereafter Question papers will be as per new syllabi. Note: For further details on the same, students should go through the website www.iete.org

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