Information of Student Interaction Cell (SIC) at IETE HQ

1. To serve the Students better, a Student Interaction Cell (SIC) at HQ has been established to help students, to guide and provide the desired Information at the earliest.

2. Student can either personally visit IETE HQ to meet Technical Officer (SIC) or can contact him by any of the following means :

(a) Personal Interaction at IETE HQ.

(b) Through Telephone (011- 43538853/81).

(c) E-mail (

(d) By posting queries on 'Interactive Forum' : ‘ Academic - Placement - Personal ' and ‘ Problem solving ' categories along with Name and Membership No. (

Note : Kindly do not post any queries in the Forum ‘ Message from Elan ' category. This category is for posting important information from HQ IETE for the Students and should be visited frequently.

If the students queries are not answered or resolved within a reasonable time, students may contact Secretary General, IETE through personal meeting or phone (011-43538821/22) or email ( Students are not to approach any other section of the HQ as their queries/problems shall not be entertained by them.


Students are advised to give their Mobile No. & Email ID for better and faster communication.

Contact Details
Address :

IETE, 2, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, 110003, India

Email :
Phone : 011-43538823
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